What is Spiritual Healing?

What is Spiritual Healing?
As a Spiritual healer I channel in universal life force energy in a non-invasive way to bring mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits to my client by channeling in Spiritual Surgeons. Negative or blocked energies are allowed to be released and this brings clarity on a mental level, and a deep sense of well-being. I also have a healing team that helps with various forms of spiritual healing including balancing the chakra’s which immediately lightens your whole system, which in turn promotes self healing.

What happens during a healing session?
As the healing session starts I will work with my hands at a short distance from your body, inviting you to relax and close your eyes. Most people experience a variety of sensations, at first they may feel a ‘wave’ of energy flowing through their bodies. Then perhaps warmth or coolness, tingling or pressure, or pain coming to the surface (and often dispersing) as the energy goes to work. Some clients experience little more than warmth and relaxation, but the process is no less effective and sometimes remarkably so.

What can healing do for me?
It can speed up your mind and body’s natural healing abilities and bring a calmness and peace of mind to your spirit. It can lessen shock after surgical treatments and assist with recovery time. It eases pain, rebalances your chakras and cleansing your aura which gives you spiritual wellbeing. Often, spiritual healing can produce unexpected beneficial results of wellness.

How often do I need to go for healing?
Sometimes one session will be sufficient, sometimes several may be needed. This is often depending on the condition being treated in the first instance. If you are experiencing healing for the first time, it may take you two or three sessions to relax into the process and enjoy the full benefit. You know your own body, if discomfort creeps back in then another session may be needed as a top up. Everybody is different and has varying healing frequencies therefore it is down to the individual’s emotional and physical state that drives whether or not another healing session is needed. If you feel it would be beneficial to you then book yourself in for a top up.

Do I need to be ill to receive healing?
No. Healing is about balance to your life and relationships with others, about expressing feelings, about change and the need for it. It often helps bring a sense of proportion and perspective and a great feeling of ‘being grounded’, of regaining control, irrespective of whether you are ill or not. On the other hand, it can be especially helpful in crisis situations and with pain management it can have remarkable benefits. It can stand alone as a therapy, has no harmful side effects and works well alongside any other therapy, medication or surgery. It is a process, above all, that helps you to help yourself, balancing your mind to balance your body.

Do I need to have faith in healing for it to work?
No, Healing is simply the ability to tap in to universal natural energy, as a channeler of this unconditional energy. Nothing special is expected of the client, except perhaps openness to anything that happens and a degree of trust. An awareness of the need for change and the motivation to do so can also be helpful.

Healing and my doctor?
I always encourage you to remain in contact with your doctor in case your illness calls for medical intervention. Healing compliments any treatment a doctor is giving you so do tell him or her that you are receiving healing and any positive benefits that you experience.

Who can receive healing?
With the following provisos, anyone may receive healing. Children under 18, (unless married), must have the permission of their parents/guardians, who will need to sign to say they have been told that the child should be seen by their doctor.

What can I do to help the healing?
Avoid having a heavy meal or drinking alcohol for at least an hour before a healing session. During the session try to relax as much as possible, and open your mind to receive the healing. Even if you do not have faith in it, by keeping an open and unbiased mind it can assist the flow of healing energy.

Can healing be guaranteed?
Healing can never be guaranteed to produce either a cure or an improvement. Nevertheless, healing given will never do harm and in most cases will produce a marked improvement.
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