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After a few years developing my psychic abilities with my sister Linda, we done readings for the cancer charity  at quite a few different venues in and around  Newport. When Linda passed over in March 2012 I just stopped, as my driving force had gone home. After my husband passed over in April 2014 I decided to try and pick up where I left off with this lovely gift. I studied under Tracey Moseley and sat circle with  Dave Winterfeld, Di Oneill.

I am so blessed that I got back on my path and have a wonderful team of both psychic guides as well as a healing team of psychic surgeons working with me. I am now also attuned to the angelic realms ! just lovely !

I would like to give thanks to all my teachers mentioned above, and to all the other students that attend these teachers classes, as without the love and encouragement of these ‘like minded’ people being around me. I may never have found the courage to trust in myself again.

blessed be 🙂


Divine consciousness healer

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  1. Hi do you give talks about psychic surgery? i run a small circle and two of my healers want to train in psychic surgery?

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