Divine consciousness healerDivine consciousness healing is healing with higher self to the consciousness within the person being given healing. It brings peace of mind and realigns your spiritual self to your body self to help re-balance you and promote self healing.

I channel in an array of healing energies as in spirit doctors ( psychic surgeon healers) angels and an array of spirit guide healers  to realign the persons wholeness

Blessed Be.


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  1. Monty Dart says:

    Hi Helen – I can’t begin to thank you enough. I feel like Lazarus! I know Rome wasn’t built in a day but I didn’t think that I would EVER wake up in the night and not feel in pain. It is quite a weird sensation, in fact it is difficult to write about, impossible to explain. I honestly didn’t think things would happen so quickly. Whilst I’m prepared for the pain to creep back into my life (I can’t expect to be that lucky after one session} I think I can face it knowing that there is some relief on the horizon.
    Thank you so, so much


  2. Chris Kemp-Philp says:

    Hi Helen, I need to say thank you for the two healing session I had with you, the first was about 3 months ago and I had a longstanding pain in my right knee ( I suffer from Arthritis in both feet, knees and lower back) which had been especially painful for a while. I was please and impressed after the session when I was aware that the pain has lessened to an extent that made it almost unnoticeable. The most impressive part is that it is still at this minimum pain level, 3 months later. This is the least pain I have had in this knee in 6 long years.
    The second visit, almost a month ago, you asked where the most pain was and I said it was in my lower back, that pain was much reduced after my treatment and although I am still aware of it, my consumption of pain tablets are way down on my usual amount. What I had not told you on that occasion, was that my almost perpetual headache was really bad and I had tables out ready to take, but left them till after the session. I put them back in my bag after the session as the headache was just no longer there. I am so happy to be able to say that my overall pain levels are still down, although I will be back for more sessions to keep them this way. Bless you for what you have done.

  3. Gareth Jones says:

    I went for spiritualist healing with Helen Vaughan Jones. I had suffered with anxiety for number of years. I would suffer attacks any time of day or night. I would like to thank Helen for lifting my anxiety. Since leaving I haven’t suffered one attack, I left feeling a new man. My head felt empty of all the thoughts running around it. I just felt lighter and more relaxed.

    I had a pain in Breast area which was removed and a pain in my lower back which was also removed. I’m just really glad I went as I was a bit sceptical but I’m really grateful to Helen.
    Thank again.


    Gareth Jones

  4. Hannah Caswell says:

    I have seen how much Helen has helped my work colleagues and the amazing results! My boyfriend and I went to see Helen and it was an amazing experience. Not only did she help us spiritually/emotionally but she slowed down the degeneration of my boyfriends bone condition and she helped me to control my IBS. I will recommend to anyone. Thank you Helen!

    Hannah Caswell

  5. Sally & Gary says:

    Helen helped us out of what was leading to a life threatening illness, despite 3 weeks in hospital without eating anything, losing 2 stone, being sick everfy 20 minutes, drips in each arm and doctor about to take me to theatre. We called Helen with a lot of scepticism the following day I stopped being sick, ate a jumbo chip shop sausage and left hospital 2 days later!
    Not been sick since (2 months ago).

    Astonished and now believers…

    Thanks Helen

  6. Hi Helen i would just like to say a big thank you for working your amazing healing on me,when i came to you i was feeling pretty low in myself due to stresses and strains of everyday life and bad relationships, i told you that i wanted inner peace that i seem to have lost over the years, after seeing you i now feel more like my old self a feeling that i thought was lost forever. i recommended you to members of my family who i know has been to see you and although sceptical at first they are so glad that they came. i will most definitely be seeing you again for top ups so until then thank you from all of us.xx amazing lady.

  7. Tracey Evans says:

    This woman is amazing I got hold of Helen Vaughan-Jones cos I couldn’t take the pain in my knee no more she done her healing on me and omg cant believe im in no more pain haven’t felt like this for weeks goes to show it really works this woman is truly amazing if it works for me it will work for u I promise thanks hel xxxx

    Tracey Evans

  8. Julia Bartlett says:

    Dear Helen,

    Writing to say a huge thank you for the amazing healing that I received a week ago from you and your team. As you know I have very little spare time and for once not finding five minutes has proven more beneficial. As over the last week although I felt instantaneous results the full extent of the effects could only be appreciated as the week has progressed.

    Although physically I don’t really have anything wrong with me there was so much clutter going around in my head which continued throughout my sleep. This had continued to build up as I collated information from books etc and without realising had taken over my thoughts and from which I could find no final answers. Now this has all cleared and the sleep I now get is now deep and without disturbance.

    You and your team are truly gifted and very much appreciated by myself as the future is now clearer with no more doubts.

    The sensation during the healing was like a feather blanket with no pain or fear just a continued sense of security whilst in their hands. Helen you are one in a billion and don’t ever stop healing as you are truly blessed with a unique gift with life changing affects and truly inspiring.

    Many thanks
    Julia Bartlett

  9. Wendy Henton says:

    Hi Helen,
    Just to say thank you for working on me .It was fab the energy was amazing Feeling so much better and feels live im back on track cant what to come again Thankfully

    Wendy Henton

  10. kim says:

    I was unfortunately in a very bad place after the death of beloved father. I visited Helen and what an amazing experience. Helen also told me that I had a food intolerance and showed me how to identify the foods I was intolerant to. So after a session with Helen I felt like a new person. I am cutting out my intolerances, therefore no ibs and unpleasant pains in my tummy. I can talk about my dad without bursting into tears and remember the wonderful memories that I have of him. I can now sleep peacefully at night. Helen is a wonderful person with a huge heart and priceless skills.

    Kim xx

  11. Gareth Smith says:

    Have known Helen for nearly 20 years and what an amazing lady……through her unselfness and wanting to help people would highly recommend in going to see her…….difficult to explain how I felt leading up to my session but wish I had done it years before…….helped me with my migraines which if you knew me was so debilitating..suffered over 20 years…..also has helped with increased sleep levels which has been a great help also…….go see her……thank you Helen

  12. Rachel says:

    Thank you for a wonderful session today working on my anxiety, I had no idea that the trauma from years ago was haunting me all this time. My subconscious was aroused during therapy and at times it was emotional although I felt very safe in your caring hands and I feel that I have broken free. I will let you know how well I sleep tonight. Bless you and thank you Helen.

  13. Alyson lane says:

    I cannot highly recommend this lady enough after suffering from several chronic illnesses for many years. The pain had dramatically decreased, so I just keep on top of it with a weekly treatment.

    Far better than pain relief

    Your a star

  14. louise says:

    Hi Helen, as a fibromyalgia sufferer i just want to say a big thank you for treating me last week, im feeling so much better in myself and my pain has been alot better, my mood has also lifted I feel so much better from my experience you gave me i recommend anyone to try healing with you.thanks again and Helen you are such a kind person xx

  15. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for all you help Helen
    Amazing past your name on that’s so much for peace of mind

  16. Sharon Keeling says:

    I have been telling anyone who would listen about Helen, she truly is a beautiful soul, I felt so comfortable in her presence. Really helped with my pain both physical and emotional. I will definitely be returning.
    Thank you so much Helen xxxx

  17. Julie Mullane says:

    Hi Helen just wanted to say a huge thanks for our healing yesterday
    My frozen shoulder feels fab no pain at all L groin is a lot better lovey to not moan we will be riding our bikes this weekend thanks xx

  18. Julie Mullane ja says:

    Thanks so very much Helen for seeing us on Monday afternoon we both feel so much better & im completely pain free after 5 months of terrible pain in my frozen shoulder I’m 1 very happy client xx

  19. Fallon Lewis says:

    Good morning I feel so much different I can’t believe how much better I feel all thanks to you thank you so much xxx

  20. Emma says:

    Thank you for for my session today Helen. Even though thank you doesn’t seem enough 🙂

  21. Zoe Vicary says:

    Hi Helen Vaughan-Jones Thank you very much for my healing. The pain in my wrist I’ve had for 19 months and now I’ve had 8 days pain free. I’m amazed… Thank you very very much Zoe Vicary

  22. Rosemarie Ross says:

    I visited Helen before I left on holiday so it would be mid October, I went with bad knees, ( my left knee was so painful) Helen did the healing which was amazingly calming & peaceful, after the session ended the pain in my right knee had GONE, and the pain in the left was minimal, this continued for a few days until it disappeared altogether, upon returning to this country from hols my knee ((eft) has just started to play up, ( Helen said this could happen as I need more sessions) but……. didn’t tell Helen about another problem that I had that would need surgery ( I am too scared to have operations, so I just put up with the problem) well when I got home the problem had VANISHED??? Helen didn’t know about my other problem I didn’t tell her, but that is totally cured, I can’t thank Helen enough for what she and her team have done so far, she truly is AMAZING, I can’t wait to go back and sort this knee and one or 2 other things, THANK YOU HELEN AND SURGEON DAVID FOR THE HEALING, llook forward to Fridays session, xxxx

  23. Rosemarie Ross says:

    Just came in from another wonderful session with Helen & her team all I can say is WOW Thank You xx

  24. Melanie Smith says:

    Hi Helen I just won’t to write and just say a big thank you to u , you are an amazing lady and since I have been coming to you I feel so much better in myself. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Big hugs Mel xx

  25. Melanie Kashuba says:

    Hi Helen, I would like to thank you so very much for a truly positive meeting with you yesterday. I feel so refreshed, positive, optimistic and above all alive after my session with you! I feel there is an end and a purpose to my personal situation. Again I thank you for sharing your outstanding gift for the good of others. Much love to you and see you soon. Melanie Kashuba Xxx

  26. Georgina Mudge says:

    Hi Helen it was really good to meet you earlier today xx it was a breath of fresh air in my life x thank you for your empathy and genuine kindness x see you again soon. Georgina😇

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